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about-2 Many years ago we started dealing with a company in Taiwan called MPPSolar. We used to buy MPPSolar’s PCM8048 battery chargers to install in our off-grid systems with various off-grid inverters including Latronics and Victron.

Later we started buying MPPSolar’s PIP4048 MPPT Inverter Charger and used them in our budget systems with great success. We used to buy our batteries from Aussie Batteries and they became aware of our little secret. Within month Aussie Batteries started importing the PIP Inverter Chargers and branded them under their own name Giant Power and called them IPS inverters. After that MPPSolar didn’t want sell to us direct anymore so we had to buy the inverters from Giant Power. That was not a problem, little bit dearer but ok. Until Aussie Batteries decided not to sell inverters to other installers anymore and only sell inverter & battery kits mainly to the end customer.
about-1 It took a lot of research and over a year later we found an inverter manufacturer that independently designed and manufactured an Off-Grid Inverter Charger like the MPPSolar Inverter Charger. We installed a number of systems with the new inverters and once we were satisfied that these inverters where a quality product we finalized the required testing to IEC62109 to gain Certification in Australia and had the inverters approved by the CEC and listed on the Approved Inverter list under our own brand name Maximo.

Our Maximo PV5048 HM inverter is exchangeable with the MPPSolar PIP4048 and the Giant IPS4048 inverters, in a single inverter setup. Because of differences in the software it is not possible to run the different brands of inverters in parallel mode.

And here is our guaranty. Maximo Power Inverters will always be available for purchase to installers. We will not stop selling them individually nor will we sell them only as part of a kit.


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